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(Saint-Brieuc 15/02/1812 - Saint-Brieuc 10/04/1877)

Interior Decorator in Saint - Brieuc

RaphaŽl DONGUY Raphaël DONGUY was born on 15/02/1812 in Saint-Brieuc (22 - France).
He was twelve years old when his father, Sylvain DONGUY (1781 - 1824), died. His father wanted him to have a trade. His mother, more educated, was probably more ambitious for him.
He was educated at a private school.

Raphaël DONGUY had been in Paris (75 - France) where he continued to study the drawing and painting in unidetermined circumstances.
We don't know where he found the finances to live and learn his job.

Raphaël DONGUY was subsequently a "Compagnon" of the "Tour de France" (1).

Raphaël DONGUY married Aimée LAMAND (1811 - 1887) on 07/01/1839 in Saint-Brieuc (22 - France). His wife must have had a good education, particulary in artistic order.

On 16/11/1854, Raphaël DONGUY and Aimée LAMAND bought the house located 11 rue Charbonnerie, in Saint-Brieuc, where they had been tenants.

This house remained the registered offices of DONGUY's firm until the beginning of the 1970s.

In his obituary column, the Bishop of Saint-Brieuc (22 - France), Bishop Groing de la Romagère, entusted him with the decoration of the Bishop's Chapel in 1839.
It was a success and brought other espiscopal orders on him.

One of Raphaël DONGUY's specialities was the decoration of a church arch using gilded geometric interlacing on a blue ground.

He also decorated some public buildings and one castle.
He si possibly the author of the old marriage hall ceilings in Saint-Brieuc Town Hall (22 - France).

For the DONGUY family, the important works which are traditionnally highlighted are :

* the Baptistry of Plérin-sur-Mer (22 - France),
inscribed into the "Inventaire Supplémentaire des Monuments Historiques" and restored in 2001,
* the mural paintings of Saint Michael's Church in Saint-Brieuc (22 - France), painted between 1864 and 1874, a MASTERLY work.

Raphaël DONGUY quickly became well kwown in Saint-Brieuc (22 - France).
Since 1848, he has his portrait painted.
He became the friend of His Grace DAVID, Bishop of Saint-Brieuc, a great builder of churches and to whom Raphaël DONGUY got orders.

In 1860, he was been elected to the Local Council of Saint-Brieuc (22 - France). He didn't put himself up as a candidat in 1865 : he was opposed to the Mayor and he preferred to stand down from the municipaly.

Raphaël DONGUY et Aimée LAMAND had four children :

* Raphaël DONGUY (1839 - 1888), an interior decorator too, his collaborator and successor (alias Raphaël the Younger),
* Héloïse DONGUY (1841 - 1894),
* Marie DONGUY (1844 - 1866),
* Aimée DONGUY (1848 - 1923).

Raphaël DONGUY died the 10/04/1877 in Saint-Brieuc.

Origin : DONGUY's Family archives

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(1) As an Interior Decorator, Raphaël DONGUY should learnt his work with at others Interior Decorator's home as an apprentice.
He travelled all around France and served his work apprenticed. That called "Tour de France des Compagnons"