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Saint Michael of Saint - Brieuc (Côtes d'Armor - France)

Drapeau Breton Frencg Flag


Saint Michael Archangel, defend us in our battles !

With your wings, protect us !

With your sword, defend us !

Dominus daemonis morsum tibi nunc defendit ejusque delendi tibi dat potestatem !

Saint Michael Archangel
Louis-Charles CHAMPIGNEULLE, famous Glassmarker
Field Marshall Ferdinand FOCH, Field Marshall of France Raphaël DONGUY, great Interior Decorator

Discover here all that you ever wanted to know about Saint Michael !!

Saint Michael's church of Saint-Brieuc is an forgotten patrimony . It is ofen criticize and discredit because unknow of everybody.

However, Saint Michael's church is an interessant patrimony to discover and know thought :
- his history,
- his neo-classical architecture,
- his vitraux by la Maison CHAMPIGNEULLE de Paris, great glassmarker,
- his frescoes and decorations by Raphaël DONGUY, talented interior decorator,
- et some anectodes et events.

Louis GUILLOUX spoke about Saint Michael's church in one of his works since 1935 (Le Pain Noir, adapted in theatre by the name of Cripure).

In 2016, Saint Michael's Parish will celebrate its 480's anniversary !!

In fact, the first registers of births, marriages and deaths date from 1536 for the baptisms and 1539 for the marriages and the deaths.
Saint Michael is the oldest parish in Saint - Brieuc, and it was the only one before the French Revolution in Saint-Brieuc until 1801 (Concordat of 1801).

Saint Michael's Church was consacred on 24/07/1875. It celebrated his 140th anniversary in 2015.

I decided to create this internet site to make this patrimony more well known.

Raphaël DONGUY : interior designer in Saint-Brieuc and in the Côtes d'Armor

Raphaël DONGUY Raphaël DONGUY is an Saint-Brieuc's interior designer very close link with Saint Michael's Church of Saint-Brieuc : he passed ten years of his life to embellish it !!.
But he is too an Costarmoricain : his works are numerous in the département des Côtes d'Armor.

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If this web site pleased you, you just need to fill in our guest book : the more you are to appreciate the quality and originality of the work of Raphaël DONGUY, the more we can act for the preservation of his works and their eventual restoration.

Web visitors, have a good visit !!

"Know our past, you will build your future !"

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